We have been baking for you for 40 years!

We specialize in the production of frozen and fresh bread as well as with extended shelf-life baked products.

About Us

The history of our company begins 40 years ago, when two brothers, Jarosław and Ryszard Binkowski, opened the first bakery in their hometown Jeziorko. Hard work, dedication and innate entrepreneurship brings results. Bread from Jeziorko is gaining recognition among customers who appreciate the Binkowski Brothers' baked goods for their excellent taste and always the highest quality. The business founders develop the company by making successful acquisitions in subsequent years. In 2000, the Founders took over the bakery and confectionery plant in Bodzechów, the following year the bakery in Rudki was purchased, and in 2002 the company included the taken over bakery in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. The Binkowscy brothers are modernizing the plants, equipping them with modern production lines that allow them to systematically expand their offer, which reaches an increasing number of customers both in Poland and abroad. The pearl in the crown is the newly purchased plant in Nosy-Poniatki, where modern lines producing toasted bread and pasteurized rye bread will be installed in 2021-2024. Over the course of four decades, Mister has evolved from a small family bakery into a group of plants with a production area exceeding 20,000 m2. The growing business engages the young generation of Binkowski's, Karol and Grzegorz, taking over key managerial roles, take on the burden of managing the growing company. The plans for the next decade include projects whose implementation will ensure further dynamic development of the Company. The latest investment project including modern baking installations will allow the company to compete with the most modern plants in Europe. The art of baking bread supported by the art of managing the company's growth is undoubtedly the motto of the Binkowski family business!

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Our products are satisfied customers in Poland and around the world!


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Ul. Główna 1
96-323 Nosy-Poniatki

tel: 789 469 099



Ul. Samsonowicza 40
27-400 Ostrowiec

pieczywo świeże
TEL +48 41 263 19 63
FAX +48 41 263 03 33

pieczywo mrożone
TEL +48 41 266 14 22
FAX +48 41 266 14 26

tel: 509 399 502



Ul. Zakładowa 10
26-006 Nowa Słupia

tel: 501 547 900


Project title: Increasing the competitiveness of the Food Products Production Plant "Mister" Karol Binkowski, Ryszard Binkowski Spółka Jawna by expanding its operations to new foreign markets.

Project goal and planned effects: The goal of the internationalization of the Food Products Production Plant "Mister" Karol Binkowski, Ryszard Binkowski Spółka Jawna is to increase the brand's reputation both on the domestic and international markets, acquire new foreign customers and ensure production and sales continuity of the offered products.

Project value: PLN 431,000.00

Contribution of the European Fund PLN 366,350.00